Reliable China CNC Turning Parts Suppliers

Gtai CNC is among the professional CNC turning parts suppliers with over a decade of machining parts production experience. We have the staff and marketing resources that keep us running.

What is CNC Turned Parts

CNC turning is a mechanical or machining process where a machine rotates the workpiece at speed in a chuck. Opposite to CNC milling, here, the cutting tool does not spin.

Why Choose Us

We Preserve Standards

Our CNC turning parts undergo a wide quality assurance process on our on-site examination lab. Our lab is well-equipped with modern tools and machinery with the proper equipment to inspect your CNC parts. We make sure your products meet your specs and quality standards.

We Built Parts round Your Needs

Gtai CNC makes sure we keep every customers’ instructions in our mind while making CNC turning parts. We know to compete with top-tier CNC turning parts suppliers, we have to be client-specific in our manufacturing game. Our work revolves around buyers’ directives.

We Never Let Feel Buyer Alone

We know buyers can feel a bit worried about the usage or mechanism of our CNC turning parts. Therefore, we keep guiding our buyers and never left them once they receive their order. Our continuous after-sales support makes us one of the sought-after CNC turning parts suppliers in China.

What Sets us Apart


We have the best production environment at Gtai CNC. Every individual supports and guides each other so that company as a whole performs better. We have a bunch of dedicated individuals who work together and never let anyone down.

Best Equipment

We use the latest equipment with recent methodologies to prepare high-quality CNC turning parts. We know how rapidly the CNC industry is growing and that’s why we use the latest techniques with supporting tools to offer parts that our current and potential customers need.


We have all the relevant regulatory certifications that show our credibility. We make sure we adhere to all the quality control compliance that are applicable to all CNC turning parts suppliers in China.