Like CNC bike accessories there are some motorcycle parts companies that sell their products at a reasonable price but why are they expensive enough? Seven elements that contribute to expensive motorcycle parts are listed below. There are other ways to categorize and break down these factors.

Some factors that make motorcycle parts expensive

  1. Manufacturing factor

Motorcycle buyers make up a tiny niche segment that accounts for all global sales of private transportation. Due to the fact that there is only a tiny demand, there are just a few factories in a few places that are not spread out globally.

To turn a profit, these firms just need to produce a certain number of motorcycles and parts. Their overheads would be excessive if they were to grow their business to the point where they became auto manufacturers. Therefore, even for parts that may look as though they should be inexpensive, the parts will be exorbitantly more expensive because there are a finite number of factories and consequently, parts.

  1. Sole proprietor factor (manufacturing license)

This relates to a manufacturer’s rights to produce original manufacturer parts. This implies that, even if they wanted to, not just any business could make parts. They’ll need to have a license. This is true of motor vehicles, but because there is a market for such parts, many businesses are ready to pay a license fee to replicate them.

In the case of motorbikes, the market is small, and the likelihood of realizing a sizable profit is reduced as a result of the low volume of sales. As a result, manufacturers frequently have to produce the parts themselves, allowing them to set any price they like. They enjoy exclusivity.

  1. Economic factors

Motorcycle component costs can also be greatly influenced by the state of a nation’s economy. The price will be affected if you live in a third-world or developing country due to things like a tiny market and expensive transportation.

The price of motorcycle parts will also be influenced by import inflation and the value of the local currency. Better exchange rates, tighter margins on import fees, and higher stock holdings are all characteristics of nations with great sustained economic growth.

As I mentioned, depending on where you are headquartered, the economy may play a large influence because there are only a small number of manufacturers in the world.

  1. Delivery factors

Even if you reside in a region where parts are comparatively easy to find, and especially if you live in a remote area far from population areas, you must still think about how the parts will get to the dealer.

In terms of importing or exporting, this form of transportation is not equivalent to locating parts. This is the process of getting the components from the factory to the dealership so that you, the customer, may pick them up. It is incredibly expensive to ship things across the nation, especially when individual components must travel hundreds of miles.

  1. Luxury factor

One of the most important factors contributing to the cost of motorcycle parts is certainly the luxury component. Despite the fact that they are a mode of mobility, motorcycles are nonetheless seen as affluent possessions by society. They, therefore, fall under the same classifications as boats and airplanes.

This indicates that manufacturers and dealers raise the price only as a result of this reason. Motorcycles might not be regarded as a luxury if they were as common as vehicles. A motorcycle is typically a person’s second or third car, used sometimes rather than for daily transportation.

  1. Monopoly factor

The fact that distributors pressure their dealers to carry and sell their specific components. That is a major issue with motorcycle parts retailers. Dealers are consequently unable to offer additional products or parts for motorcycles made by other companies or models.

Dealers strive to cover themselves and make up for any lost earnings. By raising the pricing of the parts they can sell. Because this business strategy results in a loss of profit.


CNC scooter parts found that a variety of factors make motorbike parts more expensive than identical parts for other types of vehicles.

However, these might be further segmented according to specifics like localities, motorcycle brands, models, etc. Since knowing these seven criteria. That will help you understand why the parts you need for your motorcycle are so expensive, I won’t go into further detail.

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